Cheap Semi Truck Tires

Cheap Semi Truck Tires

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All position long haul. Buy cheap semi truck tires at deep discount prices. Conventional commercial sizes Trailer Steering rib and drive traction 10.00R20 11.00R20 trailer 11R22.5 11R24.5 steer highway rib 12R22.5 12.00R24 295/75R22.5 trailer low cost semi truck tires 295/80R22.5 drive traction 285/75/R24.5 315/80R22.5 315/65R22.5 ply rating 12 ply 14 PR 16 PR. Bridgestone 295/75R22.5 Cooper 11R22.5 General Michelin Hankook Uniroyal 24.5 Kelly Yokohama 295/75R22.5 BF Goodrich 285/75/R24.5 Triangle Double Coin 11R22.5 Mastercraft Daytona 22.5 Nankang Continental 295/75R22.5 Kumho 285/75/R24.5 Apollo Goodyear 22.5 Dunlop Sumitomo 11R24.5 Firestone 24.5 Toyo and quality made in China or India.

My first long haul experience was when I was only 18 years old. I worked for a potato farmer in Pocatello Idaho my first year out of high school. We were not required to have a CDL way back then. This is my first time driving a big rig, and it was pulling a trailer with 55,000 pounds of spuds to Portland Oregon. The boss gave me $200 cash just In case I got caught at a weigh station. The only scales he could remember on the route was on the other side of Boise, and it was closed half the time. 32 Auto Parts

Lawn-Mower Wheels For sale steering or drive all position affordable semi truck tires. The cabover International I was driving would shake your kidneys loose. Truckers were real men back then. Portland was the biggest city I had ever seen, and I had to drive through downtown to get the the warehouse on the docks. Beam me up scotty; get me out of here! Well, I didn't hit any autos or poles and made it safe. Running empty heading home was terrible. The truck bounced so bad I has getting arm pump just like in a motocross race. When I stopped to take a pee break, I could barely walk. I did get the chance to experience this route 8 more times. I hope you enjoyed the story of my first long haul experience. Low cost commercial semi truck tires. Concealed Carry 9mm Low Cost Rifles Handguns Hodaka Parts Affordable Chevy Engines Samsung Galaxy S7